see the fields yourself



Ever wanted to rub your own charas from live landrace plants at 3000m altitude in the Himalayas?

What about hitting the pristine beaches and coral reefs of the Thai Islands while staying at an organic Cannabis farm, learning about traditional Thai regenerative farming?

Thai-Stick workshops in Isan?

If the answer is yes to any of the above - then you've come to the right place.

Zomia Collective organises curated travel experiences in SE Asia for passionate individuals looking to engage in authentic Cannabis culture and learn while having heaps of fun.

We are set up to take breeders, private individuals, film crews, researchers  and everything in between - though not everyone will have access to every landrace field.

We have different packages available for you all and the ability to make custom tours, expeditions, workshops and more worldwide.

The only way to really engage with landraces and especially landrace conservation is to visit one of the traditional landrace growing regions and to meet the farmers yourself.

Join us as we explore Zomia!

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