Kirivong NLD Landrace flower from Takeo, Cambodia

Like a cat and mouse, the growers and police of Kirivong district in Southern Takeo have been growing weed in the hills and every year since 1996 at least the police have been bumbling around the bush trying to cut them down. Not an easy task given the steep slopes, dense forest cover and UXOs dotted about.

With most of the crop from this area reserved for the Vietnamese market compounded by the police pressure - it's been getting harder to source good Kirivong in Cambodia for a while now. Lucky Vietnamese smokers!

Clearly, it's still available though not as cheaply as it's less reputed counterparts from other districts in Takeo province which are more likely to be bought and sold in Phnom Penh or Kampot.

For those in the know, gassy terpenes and huge sticky buds are the reward.

Long term - it's hard to imagine a future for independent growers here unless something changes. The lack of support from the government and local officials leave the local producers at the mercy of the international crime syndicates and consequently the laws of supply and demand. Once the growers run out places to hide - no doubt the mafia will source it's cannabis from a more convenient location leaving nought but deforestation with little to show for it.

Pictured is a few kilos straight from the farm:

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