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As we travel across the world in pursuit of the finest landrace cannabis varieties, we embark on a quest to highlight the different traditional growing regions and their culture, geography and history.

Our mission is to document and collect as much genetic material as possible across as many growing regions that we can reasonably access.

Over the next few years, our team will be spending the majority of his time travelling across the growing regions of Southeast, South and Central Asia first, followed by some forays into Africa and Latin America as our project grows.

Along the way you will have a chance to help us preserve the beautiful varieties that we encounter, with our Patreon program designed to help our patrons access the freshest new accessions, straight from the growing regions.

Better yet, you have a chance to not only be first in line for accessions we make in the field but also to help us in the decision making process, in terms of choosing strain-hunting locations by joining our private discord server and reserved for the highest tiered patrons.

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